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The Cloud is Just Getting Started

Amazon reported earnings yesterday and as always AWS' revenue growth was mind-boggling.

The day before, Microsoft reported Azure's YoY growth at 51%. And finally, Alphabet reported that Google Cloud grew by 54%.

Two things about these numbers are astonishing, the size of the revenue base supporting this type of growth and the fact that the growth is accelerating.

But, what's even more eye-opening is that the largest sectors in the world have yet to even scratch the surface of what the cloud will do for their business.

Software and cloud spend lag woefully behind in energy, construction, and manufacturing. All of these industries are multi-billion dollar revenue sectors that will continue migrating to cloud-based software.

Sure, the penetration will never reach the numbers we see in finance, marketing, and media due to the needs of the business, but it's safe to say that the numbers are going to grow and do so rapidly over the next few decades.

I'm excited we have a front-row seat to this expansion at Energize.