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I began my career in cleantech over a decade ago at Green Mountain Energy around the time it was acquired by NRG, a Fortune 500 generation and distribution company.

Working at Green Mountain Energy showed me the close-knit nature of working at a small company, and gave me the itch to join a startup. That startup was Choose Energy where I was one of the first 12 employees.

Choose Energy was an energy marketplace backed by world-class investors including Kleiner-Perkins. As an early employee, my role evolved with the company's growth.

I started in business development and worked in product marketing before settling into product management where I eventually became VP of Product for the company.

Choose Energy was acquired in 2017 by Red Ventures in a successful outcome where I was fortunate to work on the team that spearheaded the acquisition.

Afterward, I launched my investment career by co-founding Intelis Capital before moving to Energize in 2021 to lead the growth equity platform.

“It’s as easy to do something small as it is to do something big. When you see an opportunity go for it with everything you have and never give up. Failure is the price of ambition.”

"There are no shortcuts to a calm mind, fit body, and happy home."

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life."

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