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America's Next Manufacturing Frontier

First Solar announced plans yesterday to invest $680 million in a new Ohio factory. This is one of the largest US bets on solar manufacturing - an industry typically dominated by China.

The mostly automated factory will employ ~500 people. The initial number is a small, but important, proof point on how the energy transition can create jobs for middle America - an area not typically associated with the energy transition.

Lack of portability is often cited as one of the problems with the new energy economy. After all, wind farms won't be going up in West Virginia any time soon.

Yet, moves like this show we can create new jobs in the places that need them most and this is a message anyone championing the energy transition should spread.

Not only is this a great small step for American energy independence, but it's great for the climate as well.

While climate alarmism works for a few, real collective action requires tangible impacts on people's daily lives. There are two ways to accomplish this. We can provide superior products at a better value or put food on the table for their families.

I'm excited to see companies like First Solar attempting to do the former. We should celebrate them for it and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.